A Biblical Theology of Worship: Acts

Terry Johnson





1.      Foundational period: not all is normative

         e.g. fire, tongues, sound


2.      Transitional period: not all is continued

         e.g. prayer at the temple


3.      Yet some things are clear—

         a.      Worship in Acts is simple (Acts 2:42)

         b.      Synagogue pattern—is followed, no attempt to replicate the ceremonial of the temple

                  key texts: Acts 2:38-42; 17:22-31; 20:7-11; 4:23-31

         c.      Synagogue priorities—reflected in worship of the early church


I.       Ministry of the word


II.     Ministry of prayer


III.    Ministry of alms


IV.    Ministry of praise


V.     The Lord’s Day


VI.    Ministry of the table